Parade Info

The Streetsville Bread and Honey Festival will once again host the Annual Bread and Honey Parade on Saturday June 1st, 2019.

Applications to participate in the 2019 festival is now closed. 

New Parade Route! 

The Parade will now start at Queen St South and Ontario St and will proceed south to Old Station Road.

All dogs viewing the parade with their owners must be leased and seated back from the curb

Lucie (Parade Chair)

The Bread and Honey parade will start at Queen St south and Ontario St. It will proceed south to Old Station Road where the walkers will disburse and then to Reid Drive where all floats will disburse.

 The parade will proceed south on Queen Street. All walkers will turn off at Old Station Road which is the end of the parade for them. All floats and vehicles must proceed to Reid Drive to disband." There will be very limited turning at Church Street.

 Acceptance of all entries will be acknowledged with a complete information package including transportation instructions, suggested drop off and pick up points, your position in the parade, your access to the line-up, the time you are expected to be there and details of marshalling areas etc. you can expect this by the middle of May.

 There will be no 'throw outs' allowed on the parade route. 'Hand outs' may be allowed with committee approval. Please request this in writing (with details of the 'Hand Out' content) and submit with your parade application.

 No more than 2 signs per entrant no larger than 2’ x 4’ in size OR 1 (one) banner no larger than 2’ x 6’.

 It is assumed that your entry is self-sufficient and you will be responsible to acquire your own float or flatbed. Any mechanical failures or breakdowns are your responsibility. If there are animals as part of your entry, you are responsible for all clean up.

All applications for entry into the parade are subject to the approval of the Bread and Honey Committee. Each entry will be considered on its own merit.



FRIDAY May 31: 5pm - 11pm

SATURDAY June 1: 10am - 11pm
Parade: 10am - 12pm

SUNDAY June 2: 10am - 6pm 

*HST included. 4yrs and under free all weekend!

SATURDAY June 1: 10am- 6pm
SUNDAY June 2: 10am – 6pm