General Parade Rules

The following are safety rules for assembling your float, for float riders and for people walking with a float.

  • Anyone standing on a float must have a support of some kind.
  • Nobody is to be within 24 inches of the edge of a float unless railed in.
  • Nothing is to cover or drape over the wheels of the float, which may interfere with its movement.
  • You are required to provide 2 spotters who will walk with your float to ensure these rules are followed.
  • People walking with a float must stay at least 2 feet from the side of a float.
  • No one is to get on or off of a float once the parade is moving. This also applies should the parade stop on route.
  • Handouts of any kind must have prior, written approval from the Bread and Honey Committee.
  • Nothing is to be thrown into the crowd.
  • No pamphlets or flyers are to be handed out.
  • We reserve the right to deny entry to any entrants to the marshalling area after 9:00am on the day of the parade.
  • The Parade Marshall reserves the right to refuse any entrant he deems to be unsafe, does not conform to theme, or is not adhering to parade rules.
  • Dogs are not allowed




FRIDAY June 1: 5pm - 11pm

SATURDAY June 2: 10am - 11pm
Parade: 10am - 12pm

SUNDAY June 3: 10am - 6pm 

*HST included. 4yrs and under free all weekend!

SATURDAY June 2: 10am- 6pm
SUNDAY June 3: 10am – 6pm